Value of the week — Valuing

Neil Hawkes
2 min readJan 14, 2021

Why do eyes glaze over and mouths yawn at the mention of values?

Do you ever have one of those ‘penny dropping’ moments, when suddenly something that has been hidden from your awareness suddenly emerges and makes complete sense? I had one of those the other day, when I was wondering how we show that we are valuing others.

It was when I was listening to a programme on the radio that was highlighting the incredible work of a person who had been given an award for raising funds for the NHS in the UK. His award is much deserved and right to be celebrated.

However, what I realised in that moment of clarity, was that it was not the parent, teacher or friend who was celebrated, for helping the person to develop the positive values that formed their social conscience. These people remained the unsung heroes.

This is so true for schools that are values-based, such as Worplesdon Primary in Guildford (see photo) and help their pupils to be the best people, in terms of character, that they can be. Will they receive an award for their outstanding contribution to society? I awarded them the Quality Mark as an outstanding values-based school.

School receiving the Values Quality Mark

So, if you feel your eyes glazing over or you have to suppress a yawn when someone, such as me, talks about the importance of values; please remember that it is the people who promote values such as respect, honesty, determination and care, who influence those who then go on to win awards for their selfless deeds. Their reward is in knowing that they made a difference in someone’s life — the best reward of all.



Neil Hawkes

Dr. Neil Hawkes is well known as an inspirational speaker, educator, broadcaster, author and social commentator. He is a popular TEDx presenter.