A Key Life Lesson

Neil Hawkes
3 min readJun 16, 2024


One key life lesson I have learned, is never to underestimate the determination of an individual who is driven by the power of love, care and compassion.

I first met Stephen Njoroge Kamau on a visit to Kenya. He was the teacher for the resort owners’ children on Funzi Island. I watched his skill as an excellent teacher but was particularly touched by the way he was a values role model influencing the children’s character development. I thought they were so lucky to have him as their teacher and mentor.

have stayed in touch with Steve and learned how the money he has earned as a private tutor has funded the building and setting up of a remote rural school.

He chose a site for his school in an isolated area of Kenya where there are no Government funded schools. Without him the children would not be educated. He has faced many challenges, a major one being to convince families, particularly fathers, that their children should attend school.

He has devised schemes to win parents over, including offering to give a goat to families when their children come to school every day. Other schemes include providing chickens for the mothers to rear that will provide them with a source of independent cash. And helping to provide maize for the families. All this extra work besides getting folk to help him build and resource the school.

The charity, the IVET Foundation, in a limited way, has supported Steve. Sadly, he had a setback in April this year when a violent storm damaged the school roof. He has now made this safe for his pupils.

We would like to help Steve further, and others who model values leadership and are making a real practical difference in peoples’ lives. I am convinced that they, and our wonderful Affiliates, are the ones who will help transform human consciousness to be more altruistic. They will herald a new era, when fellow humans can successfully face and solve the complex challenges that our world faces in a spirit of cooperation and determination.

You may wish to help us to support Steve and people like him in all parts of the world. One way is to send a donation to https://www.ivetfoundation.com/support-us

Whatever you can afford to give will be faithfully applied and will help to make a huge difference in so many lives.

Heartfelt thanks.


Dr. Neil Hawkes

Founder of the IVET Foundation



Neil Hawkes

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